I'm a musician trapped in an Astronomer's body! By day I am lucky enough to get to work with students and faculty at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at West Virginia University. You can find out all about that at my work page At home I am a doting husband and proud father of three sons. The other side of my life is an endless journey into music. I love how it's such a common bond between people and a unique way to communicate with the world around us.
My favourite genres are jazz and folk. I particularly love sparse arrangements with vocals and acoustic instruments. I'm lucky enough to get to play with great musicians in the Morgantown area. Currently I play bass and guitar in two bands - Tritone and Sugar Maple - and play solo as well. You can see my schedule by clicking on "Shows".
Tritone is a trio with Brandhi Irvon and Chris Plein. We're just a group of like minded souls who get together from time to time and play in different styles. A precursor to this band was  Almost Blue which was a jazz/folk/country combo featuring Esta Hill, Wade Hill, Chris Plein and myself. We played together for about six years and released two CDs.
Sugar Maple are a folk/americana combo featuring Mary Angel Blount, Melissa Latimer, Tim Mashburn and myself. We've been playing in this line-up for a few years. Prior to that MA, Melissa and myself were in a precursor to this band called Second Cousin and released a CD.
I've been playing music almost all my life in some form or another. In terms of live performances, I have been most active over the past five years during which time I have played over 200 shows. Back in the day, in my native UK, I used to play regularly in a wedding band and still admit to having a soft spot for wedding gigs. Most of my work these days is as a solo artist. I have two albums out and am working on a third one which you can listen to here.
My goals are just to keep on exploring music, to play what I hear, to write as many tunes as I can and to come up with new spins on old tunes. An endless source of great melodies which I explore as a solo artist are the hundreds of tunes in the Great American Songbook. I love to work out solo guitar versions of these songs, and to sing some of them as well. Please get in touch with me to book any of the bands I am in, have me play at your next event, or just to say hi.